Organic Looms

The Weaving Process

All our rugs are hand-knotted. Rug making is an ancient customary craft. Weavers have been making rugs for centuries and the process has remained the same for hundreds of years.

Organic Looms

Sorting, Carding, & Spinning

Raw wool is sorted by color, hand-carded, then hand-spun into thin strands of wool and other natural fibers.

Organic Looms

Dying, Drying & Rolling

Using a master dialogist all custom dye of wool is done by human eye so expect reasonable industry variance when recoloring or making a custom rug, from Organic Looms.

The yarn is hand-dyed in small batches for each rug, left in the sun to dry, then rolled into balls.

Organic Looms

Graphing & Weaving

A hand-drawn plan of the rug indicates the use of color placement for each and every knot. The printed display is then hung behind the loom for the weavers to follow.

Organic Looms

Washing, Trimming & Binding

Rugs are washed with water, stretched then left to dry in the sun. Once dry, each rug is finished by hand-trimming the pile height and defining the edges of different elements of color. Finally, the sides are wrapped in matching yarn and the edges are bound with our signature Organic Looms silk binding.

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