Tips for Styling Your Home with Runner Area Rugs

Tips for Styling Your Home with Runner Area Rugs

Tips for Styling Your Home with Runner Area Rugs


Runner area rugs are not just a means to protect your floors or pamper your feet; they are a form of expression, a subtle but powerful part of your home décor that can tie together various design elements. If you're searching for that perfect runner rug in Scottsdale, AZ, you'll want to keep reading for valuable tips on how to use these versatile pieces in your home.



When it comes to home décor, the details make all the difference. Runner area rugs are a stylish and functional addition that can enhance any space, from hallways to kitchens, and bedrooms to living rooms. They bring warmth, texture, and color, and when chosen wisely, they can magically transform any area. But how do you select the right one, and what are some creative ways to incorporate them into your home? Let's explore!

Choosing the Right Runner Area Rug

Size and Placement

The first rule of thumb is to ensure that the rug fits the space. Measure your intended area before heading to your favorite rug store in Scottsdale, AZ. Ideally, a runner should have about 4 to 5 inches of floor visible on all sides. In hallways, make sure the runner is centered and leaves equal amounts of space at both ends of the hallway.

Style and Color

Think about the overall atmosphere you're trying to create. Are you going for a bold statement, or a more understated elegance? Your runner rug's pattern and color should complement the room's other design elements, whether that's wall color, furniture, or art pieces.

Material and Durability

Runners are typically placed in high-traffic areas, so choosing a durable material that's easy to clean is crucial. Wool, synthetic fibers, and cotton are popular choices. Visit a specialized rug store in Scottsdale, AZ, where experts can guide you on the best materials for your needs.

Runner Rug Styling Tips

Create Cohesion in Open Plan Spaces

Use runner rugs to subtly define different areas in an open floor plan. You can line them up with the kitchen island, the sofa, or other key furniture pieces to create invisible "rooms" within a larger space.

Spice Up Your Staircase

Runners can add pizzazz to a plain staircase. Secure a runner with stair rods or opt for a professional installation to ensure safety and durability.

Add Warmth to the Bedroom

Place a runner on either side of the bed or at the foot to provide a soft landing for your feet each morning. Choose a plush runner for an extra cozy feel.

Enhance the Bathroom

A water-resistant runner in front of a double vanity offers comfort and adds an element of luxury to your bathroom.

Decorate with Layers

Layering rugs can add depth and texture to your flooring. Use a neutral, larger rug underneath with a vibrant runner on top for a chic look.

Where to Find Your Perfect Runner in Scottsdale, AZ

For those in the Scottsdale area, finding the right runner rug can be as simple as making an appointment with Organic Looms. Known for their high-quality, eco-friendly options, they can help you discover the perfect rug to suit your style and functional needs.



Runner area rugs are a game-changer in home decor. They are versatile decor pieces that not only enhance the aesthetic of your home but also protect your flooring. Remember to consider the size, style, and material that best fit your space and lifestyle.

If you're on the hunt for that ideal runner rug and you're in Scottsdale, Arizona, don't hesitate to reach out to Organic Looms. They offer a curated selection that's bound to meet your expectations in both quality and design. Eager to transform your home with the perfect runner rug? Contact Organic Looms today to find a stunning selection at the best rug store in Scottsdale, AZ.

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