The Ultimate Guide to Layering Rugs

The Ultimate Guide to Layering Rugs

The Ultimate Guide to Layering Rugs


If you're captivated by the cozy ambiance of intricately layered rugs or seeking to add depth to your living space, you're at the right place! Layering rugs has become a trendsetting way to bring texture, color variances, and a touch of personal flair into any room. Not only does it exude warmth and comfort, but it also allows you to showcase your creativity through home decor.

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Organic Looms stands out as a premier rug store in Phoenix, AZ, offering an extensive collection of rugs that can beautifully transform any space. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of layering rugs like a pro—and should you need more personalized assistance or seek to explore an exquisite selection of rugs, visiting Organic Looms might just be your next inspirational adventure.


Why Layer Rugs?

Layering rugs opens up a world of possibilities for interior design. It can define or divide areas in open floor plans, add visual intrigue with contrasting patterns, or simply offer an extra cushion underfoot.

Green Valley resident and interior designer, Emily Peters, states, "Layering rugs is like mixing spices. The right combination can beautifully enhance the overall flavor of a room."

With the technique gaining popularity, more homeowners are trying their hand at this stylish practice.

Tips to Get Started with Rug Layering

Choose a Solid Foundation

When layering rugs, begin with a larger, neutral base. This foundational piece sets the stage for other rug elements to shine without causing a visual overload.

Play with Textures and Patterns

Combine various textures to create tactile diversity. For example, you could layer a sleek silk runner atop a chunky jute area rug. Be daring with patterns but maintain a common color scheme for cohesion.

Mind the Size and Scale

Ensure the top rug doesn't overwhelm the base rug. The idea is to reveal enough of the lower layer to achieve a purposeful layered look.

Consider Functionality

Layer rugs in areas where it's practical. Think living rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere you'd like to define intimate, comfortable nooks.

Don't Forget Comfort

Choose plush top layers for areas where you'll sit or walk often, providing both style and solace to your feet.

How to Layer Rugs: Step-By-Step Breakdown

  1. Start Big: Select a large base rug. This foundational piece often sports a subtle pattern or a solid color.
  2. Add Contrast: Choose your second rug with a contrasting texture or pattern. This rug should be smaller than the base to showcase the technique.
  3. Aligning Rugs: Decide how you want to position your rugs. Overlapping diagonally, partially, or completely - each method offers a different aesthetic.
  4. Play with Placement: Experiment with placement until you find what looks best. It could be centered, off-centered, or at an angle depending on your space.
  5. Secure Layers: Prevent the top rug from slipping by using rug pads or double-sided tape.

Where to Find Your Perfect Rugs in Phoenix

For those in Phoenix, AZ, looking to try rug layering, visit Organic Looms—one of the finest rug stores in the area. Our friendly and expert staff can assist you in selecting the ideal foundation and accent rugs for your home. Don't take our word for it; come and see our incredible array of options yourself.

To acquire your next stunning pieces for rug layering, contact us today at Organic Looms and make an appointment. Let our collection inspire your next home decor project.

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